July 10, 2008

Dear Dr. Paul Sheehy,

No matter how strong or invincible we may think we are, sometimes life deals us a blow that exposes all of our weaknesses and vulnerabilities and leaves us feeling empty and helpless. Such was the case with the Kinsey family in the recent passing of our mother, Rebecca Kinsey. Our mom had many serious illnesses. But we take great comfort in knowing that you, as her Podiatrist, ensured that she received the best medical care possible for her feet and circulatory problems that impacted the health of her feet.

On behalf of the entire Kinsey family, I just wanted to pause for a moment to say thanks and to express our deepest gratitude for all of the love you and your great staff, Charles Myers and Violet Bent, have shown to our mother. No words are adequate to express our appreciation. Knowing that she received the best medical care possible has certainly helped to make the healing process easier for us as we begin to adjust to life absent of our mother.

Our mother, who was a very kind and loving person, always believed that with each caring act that you do for others, Heaven looks down on you and smile. She once wrote a book entitled, “I saw Heaven Smile”. Heaven smiled on her by allowing you to be a part of her life as one of the doctors on her medical team. We believe with all of our hearts that right now Heaven is smiling on you for the great medical care you provided her.

Thanks again and may God continue to bless you.

Samuel Kinsey

I had the laser fungus treatment and my nails are clear again. Thanks Doc.

K. Douglas 2015

I am a model and developed big corns on my toes.. Dr. Sheehy fixed them and I am forever thankful.

C. Lucien 2015

I’m a runner and I had a sprained Achilles 6 moths ago. The Platelet Rich Plasma treatment finally relieved my pain.

J. Jacoby 2016

I had heel pain for seven years. I tried therapy, shots, but nothing worked except the PRP program. I was nervous but glad I did it

G. Donovan 2016

Dr. Sheehy removed my bunions last year. My feet look and feel 100% better”

J. Cohen

Thanks for saving my foot. I was told I would lose my foot because of my diabetes.


Thomas W.

Thank you for saving my toe. I was scheduled to have my toe amputated, but something told me to get a second opinion. I am so glad I did.

Thank you.

Al. D.